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Our corporate national headquarters are located in Littleton, Colorado. With the past experience of working with and/or managing the supply of materials for over 10,000 metal building projects, you can be assured that we recognize and understand the importance in “attention to detail” when it comes to the supply of the accessories you receive.

Building Outlet Corporation not only serves as a discount outlet for a variety of manufacturers’ products, but also supports and maintains software programs used as a tool for budgeting, estimating costs and help in determining the specification requirements of certain products.

Time-savings plays a vital role in driving today’s contractors’ businesses forward. You have to ask yourself why would you spend literally hours/days/weeks obtaining estimates, searching for products, playing phone tag, or getting “we will have a Rep contact you,” (who are not interested unless you have a volume purchase) when it is likely that you will eventually be directed to a retail distributor?

The One Stop Estimating Software Concept:
    It’s Revolutionary
    It’s Simple
    It’s a Feature-Rich Illustration Website

Our business philosophies are base around customer education, satisfaction, service and the importance of continued business relationships.

We offer you the ease and convenience of our online estimating and purchasing software. In addition we maintain a direct contact number to our customer service department to help assist you with our site and product or product availability questions. You may contact us at 1-(800) 486-9120

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